Magic Cutting Mat

Product Features:
  • 3mm Thick 
  • Unprinted Double Face 
  • Self Healing - Knife cuts disappear 
  • 3 Ply Construction
  • Inch & Centimeter Measurements
  • Protects your table
  • Extends blade life
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Magic Cutting Mat

3mm Thick ♦ Self Healing - Knife cuts disappear ♦ 3 Ply Construction ♦ Inch & Centimeter Measurements ♦ Double Face - Use both sides ♦ Protects your table ♦ Extends blade life



It is recommended that you soak your mat from time to time. Your self healing mat loves moisture.

o soak it, put your mat in a bathtub or large container (would have to be large so it can lay flat) and soak it for 15-20 minutes in a solution of 1/4 cup white vinegar to every gallon of cool water. Let me repeat, cool water. Do this every so often to help extend its useful life.

Then use a squirt of mild dishwashing soap (Ivory) and clean the mat with a mushroom brush (soft is the key word here). The purpose of this gentle scouring is to remove the fibers that get trapped in the cuts marks preventing the cuts from "healing".

Keep 'em clean, keep 'em moist, keep 'em flat and NO heat. Your cutting mat is not a coffee cup coaster!




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