Banner Installation

Street Banners – Style 08

Street Banner Install

Street or Boulevard banners have pole pockets top and bottom with two grommets to secure the banner to the aluminum bracket with nylon straps or wire.

Due to weather exposure, 16 oz. or stronger banner material is highly recommended.

Hemming the vertical sides is optional but recommended when the artwork allows.

Reinforcing the sleeves with 3/4″ nylon webbing is an option that adds extra strength. Just sew extra 3/4″ wide nylon webbing inside sleeve.


Snap Hooks – Style 09

The only professional method for hanging banners ”Over the Street” or between any two unattached structures (poles, buildings, etc). A steel wire cable mustsnap-hooks-style09 be installed between the structures and tightly secured.

Some city regulations require a cable for the top as well as the bottom of the banner. The metal Snap=Hooks snap over the cable and suspend the banner in the air. Usually 1/4″ poly rope is tied to each of the top corners and extends to the side. This prevents the banner from shifting left or right (see diagram below).



2 Methods for attaching Snap-Hooks to banners


1. Snap hooks attached through #2 or #3 grommets placed in the top hem of banner. 1/4″ poly rope should be sewn into the top hem and the grommets are placed below the rope. This prevents the grommets from possible ripping out.





2. Snap-hooks sewn directly to the banner with heavy-duty webbing straps (See photo). With the method, webbing should also be sewn into the hem for extra added reinforcement.





Both variations can be repeated for the bottom of the banner, if required. If the bottom is not secured with a wire guide, we recommend sewing 1/4″ poly rope through the bottom hem with extra rope to reach the supporting side structure (see diagram). Reinforcing the bottom corners is recommended.