ProPrint™ Heat Transfer Material

Product Features:

Print and Cut Heat Transfer Material

Heating Temp: 305° F
Pressure & Time: 6-8 seconds with medium to heavy presssure
Washing Temp:  under 40° C
Finish: Matte
We recommend that you allow to cure for 4-12 hours before application for maximum color durability
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Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5
2 reviews
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ProPrint™ Heat Transfer Material


  • Solid Color Heat transfer material
  • Color: White (Opaque Available)
  • Finish: Matte


  • Heating Temp: 305° F for 8 seconds
  • Washing Temp: Under 40°

*We recommend that you allow to cure for 4-12 hours before application for maximum color durability

 Recommended For     

  • Solid color heat transfers

 Heat Press Application  

Due to the various base materials on the market, the following heat transfer instructon are given as guideline only

  1. Press at 305° F for 6-8 seconds from top pet protective film with Medium pressure (500-700 KGS/SQ.CM)
  2. Lift Up
  3. Warm Peel 
  4. Reaheat if needed for 3 seconds
  5. Washing Temperature: Under 40° C 

 Care Guide                            

  • Turn garment inside out, machine wash
  • Cool/warm water temperatuer, line dry

Print and cut (No waiting for ink to dry. Stretch and rebound without cracking or peeling.

Die cut, plotter cut or laser cut

100% Eco Polyurethane - Not a PVC or a hybrid

Matte finish - warm peel - soft hand/touch

4-way rebound

Heat applies to virtually all dark and light fabrics

Registered embroidery capable (no needle gumming)

No Phthalates, no lead, safe and reliable

Comes in Opaque.

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Product rating

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Danielle Hoyt
    Great Product!
  • Author: Eric Schmidt
    Not so great product. Worked for hats but stay away from shirts with this one.
    1 - The vinyl is rolled with the printable side on the inside of the roll making it curl up towards the print-head. You have to burn 6" to 10" of material every time you set the material up to print. Not efficient which brings down the overall value.
    2 - It has a papery crisp feel. We are trying to imitate screen printing. I might as well crumble up a piece of paper and throw it at my customers and tell them the shirt is ready.
    3 - After one wash the print has scratches and blemishes and the vinyl is showing sign of failure.