MBX Electric Vinyl Remover Replacement Wheels

Product Features:

Replacement Wheels for MBXTL

Available Single or 3 Pack


  • 3 PACK SPECIAL PRICING @ $89.97 
  • Single REPLACEMENT wheel @ $43.99 ea.

These wheels help to prevent damage to the surface of vehicles, boats or other surfaces you wish to protect.........while still reducing time and labor removing vinyl. If you remove vinyl regularly this product is a MUST TRY!



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MBX Electric Vinyl Remover Replacement Wheels

The Eraser Wheel is designed with notched fingers that grab the edge of the vinyl and peel it from the surface. Remove vinyl and adhesives without damaging OEM paint or harming substrate material. Multiple layers of vinyl—old or new—can be removed at one time in hot or cold weather. Labor is reduced by over 60%, turning a tedious task into an easy operation The MBX Vinyl Zapper will remove 35-50 sq. ft. of vinyl per hour.


Buy the 3 pack special just in case. Save in the long run or on big jobs.



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