Sign-Mart Lil' Chizler℠

Product Features:
  • Removes Vinyl quick & easy
  • Leaves NO scratches
  • Does not damage surface
  • Safely scrapes and cuts away like a sharp chisel
  • Dozens of uses:
    • Pot & pan scraper
    • Pocket or purse sleet scraper
    • Snow ski boot & binding scraper
    • Paint or tar scraper
    • Putty Knife
    • Vinyl Removal
    • Ice Scraper 
    • Glue/Adhesive Remover



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Sign-Mart Lil' Chizler℠

The Lil' Chizler is a squeegee that removes vinyl from aluminum, plexiglass, and painted wood without damaging the surface. What makes the Li'l Chizler such a great scraper is its unique shape. It's scientifically-contoured design gives it an edge custom-made for easy scraping, spreading or peeling. The L'il Chizler scrapes without scratching or marring, and it's deep-reaching edges allow it to get into the tightest of spaces. It's one of those scrapers/spreaders that are infinitely useful. From spreading putty to catching cake batter to scraping light ice off a windshield, the Li'l Chizler is up to the task and its compact design makes it one of those things that everyone will be glad they have with them when they need it. Effectively scrapes any surface you don't want to mar or scratch. Better than a Multi-tool!

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